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Slingshot Compstick Guardian Bar
Slingshot Compstick Guardian Bar

Slingshot Compstick Guardian Bar

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Slingshot Compstick Guardian Bar

Simple but effective, a clean design, with a bombproof construction that has already proven itself over the years. Slingshot has deliberately chosen to keep the depower rope simple.

The Slingshot Compstick Guardian Bar's safety is really easy activate and re-assemble. The Compstick has the depower under the bar via a handy clampcleat. You can easily pull it loose and tight to trim the kite for depower or to unhook. New for this year is a rounded chickenloop that slides perfectly into the hole in the bar. As a result, it will wear a lot less for more durability.

  • Clean, intuitive depowering system under the bar
  • The strongest lines (500kg)
  • Easy to depower and perfect for people with short arms
  • Good grip
  • Very durable