Ocean Rodeo Crave - Dacron
Ocean Rodeo Crave - Dacron

Ocean Rodeo Crave - Dacron

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The all-new Crave has been designed to meet the demands of GKA Pro Wave Tour riders.

The Crave’s signature down-the-line drift is enhanced with refined LE tube diameters and strut shaping. The arc and foil shape have been fine-tuned to deliver the perfect balance of drift and upwind performance, providing a fast turnaround and getting you back to the take off zone in double time… 

The Crave is fitted with Forward Swept Tips (FST). A popular feature of the Razor, FST delivers crisp, nimble, and controlled kite loops, ensuring world class performance for strapless freestyle riding. We’ve also integrated a broad wingtip design to allow for lightening quick water relaunches and maximum flying control, even when the kite is at the extreme edges of the window.

The Crave is built as light as possible, while retaining the ability to take a beating in the surf.

Sizes 7, 8, 9, 10, 12